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Other Watersport Activities
Kite Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, Wakeboarding, Sword Fishing all year around - Get with the program!

Stand Up Paddling (stand up paddle surfing & stand up paddle boarding)

Stand up paddle surfing/boarding (SUP), or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he'e nalu, is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and reemerged as a way for surfing instructors to manage their large groups of learner surfers, as standing on the board gave them a higher viewpoint, increasing visibility of what was going on around them - such as incoming swell. To begin with, this started with using a one-bladed paddle, whilst standing on a normal length surfboard. The popularity of the modern sport of SUP has its origination in the Hawaiian Islands. In the early 1960s, the Beach Boys of Waikiki would stand on their long boards, and paddle out with outrigger paddles to take pictures of the tourists learning to surf. This is where the term "Beach Boy Surfing", another name for Stand Up Paddle Surfing, originates. [1]
The sport benefits athletes with a strong 'core' workout. SUP'ing is popular at warm coastal climates and resorts, and is gaining in popularity as celebrities are sampling the sport, and cross-over athletes are training with SUP. SUPs have been spotted around the globe, anywhere where there is easy access to safe waters, as well as in the surfing lineups of the world.

Stand Up Paddling

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques.
The rider will be towed behind a motorboat; typically at speeds of 18–24 miles per hour depending on the water conditions, board size, rider's weight, and rider's comfort speed. Wakeboarding students can also choose to use kite boards.

Sword Fishing

Sword Fishing styles vary from offshore - live bait - kite fishing for swordfish, day and evening sword fishing, More Fishing: dolphin, kingfish, snapper, grouper, jacks and a whole list of surprises. When fishing the protected inshore waters the targeted species might include tarpon, barracuda, mackerel, jack and snapper. Getting shutout because of weather is rare since Fort Lauderdale swordfishing is always great all year around!

Any edible fish we keep is yours, fish cleaning is included as part of your outing. Fish not kept for the table will be released, after a quick photo. Taxidermy Services can be arranged for your trophy, even if you release your catch!

Several fishing classes and trips available year round: Reef Fishing, Off Shore Fishing, Spear Fishing, Sword Fishing, Lobstering, Day & Night Fishing, etc.
Call or email for more info.

Sword Fishing
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Want to go diving, but don't know how? We run all kinds of recreational scuba classes, from a one-day experience to full certifation courses.

Are you PADI certified, and want to visit the natural reef off the Fort Lauderdale beach? How about a night dive?

Call or email for more info.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

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