Kitesurfing lessons in Pompano and Fort Lauderdale Kiting lessons in South Florida Kiteboarding lessons in Pompano and Fort Lauderdale Wingsurfing lessons in Pompano and Fort Lauderdale Wingsurfing lessons in South Florida Kiteboarding and Wing Foiling lessons in Pompano and Fort Lauderdale Kite Foiling lessons in South Florida

We teach Wing Foiling, Kite Foiling & Kitesurfing

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We offer kiteboarding, kite-foiling, wing-surfing and wing-foiling lessons in South Florida -predominantly in the Pompano area.

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About Fort Lauderdale Kitesurfing

The water sports lessons we offer in South Florida include:

Most lessons happen predominantly in the Pompano area. We teach kitesurfing, wing-surfing and foiling on a daily basis.

We also specialize in rentals, sales & repairs of kitesurfing equipment.

Graham Goodwin, owner and principal instructor of Fort Lauderdale Kitesurfing, started giving kitesurf-instruction courses as early as 1999 earning him the reputation as the most sought after kitesurfing instructor in South Florida, espcially the Fort Lauderdale area.


"Great lessons. Took two, 2-hour lessons. The first lesson was all kite work on the beach. You should definitely understand coming in that you'll need to get work on the kite before getting in the water. I've flown a trainer kite for a couple of years, but lesson #1 was my first time flying a full-size kite. By the second lesson Graham had me in the water, but only for a short time. I felt like I learned a ton in the lesson and now have the skills I need to continue practicing with my own kite and to get in the water on my next trip to the beach. I wanted to be in the water in the first 10 minutes, but I'm pretty sure I would have just died :-) Graham does a great job of being patient with his teaching, but just know that it's a sport that requires some time investing! Super happy with my lessons!

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