We teach in a safe and fun way!

Every one learns at a different pace. These are general outlines of lessons. See below for non-windy activities.
1. Kitesurfing Trainer Intro #1: $145 Book Here
DURATION: 1 hour
(Includes: All gear, taxes and fees)

We go over weather and wind conditions for safe kite surfing conditions. We go over the kite boarding equipment. You will learn how to self land and launch the trainer kite hooked in and out of a harness. Understanding the wind window. How to control the kite one handed and how to generate power and how to stop the power. Twist and untwist while flying the kite. Walk and change directions while flying the kite. You will normally progress to a bigger 2 line trainer kite. Once you have good control of the 2 line kite we go over 4 line kite set up get familiar with all the safety systems.

2. Kitesurfing Trainer Intro #2: $280 Book Here
DURATION: 2 hours
(Includes: All gear, taxes and fees)

You will learn how to carry kite and how to set it down and secure it. You learn how to set the kite at the edge off the window for safe launch. Launch and land the kite with an assistant. Control the kite hooked in to the harness. Understand the deposed system and can use the safety system. Advanced flying skills with the de-power kite. Show full control of de-power system in flight. Pull quick release and activate leash. Recover the bar and kite. Self land.

3. Kitesurfing Lesson #3 $395 Book Here
DURATION: 3 hours
(Includes: All gear, taxes and fees)

Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite. Water relaunch the kite. Body drag down wind. Maintain corect kite position in the wind window. Change direction to left and right while body dragging. Self-rescue and pack-down. Upwind body drag to recover board. Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand. Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging. Know the power stroke for a water start. Know the safety rules and theory for water start. Can put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start. Water start in both directions and ride a short distance. Come to a controlled stop.

4. Kitesurfing Lesson #4: $495 Book Here
DURATION: 4 hours
2 x 2 hour lessons over 2 day
(Includes: All gear, taxes and fees)

Understanding weather forecast, tidal and wind effects. Determine the wind strength, direction and quality. Know the right of way rules. Know equipment set up and choice according to the weather conditions. Controlling the riding speed by edging. Consistent riding in both directions. Consistent riding in all directions including upwind. Ride amongst other riders and water users and respect the right of way rules. Change of direction with out stopping.Make toe side turn.self-launch risk assessment. Self-launch. Know the theory and the safety rules for jumping. Land a basic jump.

Hydrofoil Board Lessons: $280 Book Here
DURATION: 2 hours
(Includes: All gear, taxes and fees)

This lesson is for beginners. Take this 2 hour private foil boarding lesson before you rent or purchase your foil board from us. You'll be riding in a few sessions.

Wing Foil Lessons: from $130 Book Here
DURATION: 1 or 2 hours
(Includes: All gear, taxes and fees)

Wing Foiling, also called Wing Surfing or just "winging" is a combination of sailing, windsurfing and surfing while using a foil board. These lessons can be one or 2 hours private, semi-private or in groups of 3. These lessons are SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. You'll be riding after a few sessions. And if you need equipment after the lesson we've got you covered too - we sell everything related to kiteboarding and foiling.

Non-Windy Activities $? Call Us
DURATION: Depending on activity


  • Wakeboarding
  • Hydrofoil
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Boat Trips - exploring the water ways.

Kitesurfing all year around - Get with the program!

Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports. Kiteboarding is the infusion of multiple other sports such as kiteflying, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. This fascinating combination realizes mans eternal dream of flying.

Specially designed large power kites propel their pilots across the water on kite boards. With Kiteboarding, it is possible to get insane air! Experienced pilots are getting 20 to 40 feet of air and performing amazing aerials.

Kiteboarding can also be a year-round sport. In summer, you can enjoy flight off waves or flat water and in the winter, you can carve through the snow. Kiteboarding is easy to learn and loads of fun, take yourself to the limits!

As with any dangerous and physically demanding extreme sport, we always recommend seeking professional assistance.

Kiteboarding has many attractive benefits to offer. It is very portable, affordable, it is possible to do in lower winds, and you can learn to launch huge air even off flat water! Kiteboarding is the wildest new water sport!

At Fort Lauderdale Kite Surfing Co., we are dedicated to teaching and promoting this exciting new sport in a manner that is both safe and fun!
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All lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled with out penalty up to (seven) 7 days before the scheduled lesson time. A reschedule fee of $100 will be assessed for any lessons cancelled or rescheduled within seven(7) days of your rescheduled lesson. If your lesson is cancelled by Fort lauderdale Kitesurfing you will receive a raincheck equivalent to the lesson booked.

Wing Foiling Is All the Rage!

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"Great lessons. Took two, 2-hour lessons. The first lesson was all kite work on the beach. You should definitely understand coming in that you'll need to get work on the kite before getting in the water. I've flown a trainer kite for a couple of years, but lesson #1 was my first time flying a full-size kite. By the second lesson Graham had me in the water, but only for a short time. I felt like I learned a ton in the lesson and now have the skills I need to continue practicing with my own kite and to get in the water on my next trip to the beach. I wanted to be in the water in the first 10 minutes, but I'm pretty sure I would have just died :-) Graham does a great job of being patient with his teaching, but just know that it's a sport that requires some time investing! Super happy with my lessons!

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